Top 5 Million Dollar Supercars

5. Lamborghini Reventon

What happens when you cross-breed a Murciélago and a fighter jet? You get the €1 million euro ($1,111,500 USD) Lamborghini Reventon, created by Lamborghini to satisfy its long-time customers who felt the barrier to entry for Murciélago ownership was becoming a little to easy to penetrate.

You could call it a Murciélago with a body kit, or as Lamborghini prefers to refer to it, as “a masterpiece of design” and “a limited-edition piece of art.” Mechanically, it’s the same as an LP640 but with 10 more horsepower. In terms of exclusivity, however, with only 20 examples available, it’s in a whole different league—one that you have to drop seven figures to join.

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