Top 5 Ferraris of All Time

#4 Ferrari 288 GTO (1984-1987)

Although not as ingrained in pop culture as its younger brother, the Testarossa, the 288 GTOdeserves its legacy. Produced in a very limited run of just 272 cars, the GTO held the record for fastest production car from 1984-1986, before it was snatched away by the Porsche 959. Reaching the previously unheard of speed of 188mph, with just a 3L V8, the car had the looks to go with it.

Originally meant to be a racer, the cancellation of Group B racing left the 288 GTO without a home. Instead of tearing around circuits, it would instead only be found on roads, aside from the occasional track day. But for anyone who has driven the 288 GTO, they will remember how exciting the car makes even simple trips.’

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