Top 5 American Supercars

American ingenuity, know-how and displacement give us five unique supercars that deserve special recognition in the history of the high performance domestic vehicle. Here are Exotic Car List’s Top 5 American Supercars:

5. The Mosler MT900

It’s hard not to root for a manufacturer whose founder backs its car against all-comers in an open time-trial competition with a $100,000 prize. That’s what Warren Mosler, founder of Consulier Industries (which eventually was renamed Mosler Automotive) did with the Consulier GTP, the predecessor to the Mosler M900.

Warren, known for a relentless pursuit of lightness in the engineering philosophy of his company’s vehicles, finally made his mark on the supercar world when his MT900S outdueled a Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo in both 0-60mph (Mosler 3.1s vs. GT 3.5s vs. Enzo 3.3s) and 1/4 mile acceleration, (11.0s vs. 11.2s vs. 11.2s) and skidpad grip (1.08g vs. 1.05g vs. 1.05g).

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