South Africa’s 15 most beautiful hiking trails

South Africa is known to be a land of diverse landscapes and breathtaking vistas; an expansive playground capable of satisfying even the most die-hard traveler’s wanderlust. And what better way to explore this raw, unadulterated terrain than by foot? Hmm, but where to start? Well, here are South Africa’s 15 most beautiful hiking trails; let the Instagramming begin.

15. Golden Gate Highlands Rhebok hiking trail

Location: Free State.

Description: Just a stone’s throw from Clarens is the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The Park’s two day Rhebok trail will have hikers navigating their way through some of South Africa’s most spectacular mountains, rock pools and ravines. The hike is considered moderately difficult and shouldn’t be attempted without an experienced guide. Take note that the region can become rather misty and cold, so pack accordingly.

Difficulty: Moderate – Advanced.

Length: 31 km.

Cost: R155 per person.

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