15 DIY Fairy Miniature Garden Ideas Using Common Household Items

Many of us look for new hobbies to keep ourselves busy at home after long summer holidays. Among recycling, making decorative items, repurpose projects and crafts knitting, making miniature fairy gardens is one of the fun and better ways to challenge your imagination and gardening modeling skills. If you’re looking to jumpstart into this hobby, then here are some ideas and tips for you.’

1. Make Use of Your Broken Pots

Don’t throw your old and broken pots away. Instead, use your imagination and create a miniature house surrounded with greens. Use different a combination of different plants to make it look more beautiful.

2. Use Tiny Objects as Pots

For miniature plants you need miniature pots, and for that you can use the humble sewing tool thimble. Add your daughter’s doll house toys and voila! It’s like a miniature garden.

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