15 Amazing Places to Camp in Northern, CA

Of all the amazing things about Northern California, one of my favorite things is the proximity to almost any type of outdoor activity you can think of. We are a mere hours from the beach, mountains, desert, snow and camping in some of the most incredible forests and landscapes.

In California, temperatures rise sharply a month or so before Summer even begins and usually last well into the Fall. Given that camping typically ranges from about June through October, camping is an activity that is perfect for almost half the year!

With June camping seasons having officially kicked off, here are 15 of the most amazing areas to camp in Northern, CA.

1. Sly Creek Campground

Sly Creek Campground and Reservoir located in Plumas National Forest is about  two hours from Sacramento, CA and is a short distance from Strawberry, CA. Typically this campground sees medium to heavy use, given that it has 23 camp sites across the road and directly by the water. The campground is close to the water’s boat ramp and is the perfect place to enjoy the sun while you swim for the day. You can score a camp spot here for just $20 bucks, but note that this campground is first come, first serve.

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