15 Amazing Places for Hiking in the National Parks

1. Teton Crest Trail

The Teton Crest Trail is the highlight hike of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Explore the glorious Teton Range, witness the high divides and passes, majestic alpine lakes, and stunning views at the legendary rocky peaks. The best time to go is between July and September when you’ll see all kinds of colors, flowers and wildlife. There are plenty of campsites in case you decide to take a break along the 37mile-trail.\

2. Outer Mountain Loop

This 30-mile route at Big Bend National Park, Texas is for at least mid-level hikers. It’s strenuous and there are significant elevation changes and primitive trail. The time to try it out is between October and May; it gets too hot in the summer. The loop is Big Bend’s signature multi-day backpacking trip and includes a wide variety of habitats and scenery including, the piñon/juniper/oak woodlands of the Chisos, and stark, rugged desert in one of the most wild and remote corners of the country, according to NPS.

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