15 Amazing Long-Distance Hikes Around the World

1. Via Alpina

Distance: 5,000+ km/3,107+ miles

Stretching from Monaco to Trieste and winding through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, Via Alpina‘s red trail conquers all mastiffs higher than 4,000 meters(13,123 feet) and crosses borders 44 times. There are four additional, shorter trails: the green, yellow, blue, and purple routes. Rest at a village inn or stay in mountain huts after a long day’s walk. This affords travelers the chance to lighten their load by purchasing breakfasts and dinners rather than carrying food for every meal, as well as experience the local culture.

2. Via Dinarica

Distance: 1,930km/1,199 miles

Where the Via Alpina leaves off, the Via Dinarica begins in Slovenia. From Slovenia, Via Dinarica, another eight-country trail, reaches further into Southeastern Europe to include Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia. There are three trails to choose from: the white trail, connecting mountain peaks; the green trail, running through old-growth forests; and the blue trail, following the coastline. Culture and heritage at every turn of the trail bring an old-world authenticity to the experience.

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