13 Supercars That Defined The 90s

1. 1993 McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 held the record for fastest production car from 1993 to 2005, with an amazing speed of 240.1 mph. Even though the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 eventually took the record away, the McLaren F1 still remains the world’s fastest naturally aspirated production car in terms of top speed.

2. 1993 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

The 650 horsepower EB110 Super Sport participated in the ’94 “24 Hours of Le Mans” competition, finishing an impressive 17th overall. Not only could the Super Sport hit a top speed of 216 mph, it was both comfortable and luxurious on the inside. The EB110 paved the way for Bugatti’s next supercar, the Veyron.

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