12 Beautiful but Dangerous Hikes in the United States

1. Washington’s Mount Rainier Is One of the Deadliest Hikes in the World

Rising 14,000 feet above sea level, the risks associated with this climb are as high as the peak. Not only is it an active volcano, it is also notorious for its unpredictable and unstable weather, with temperatures known to drop from balmy to freezing within an hour or two. Storms are frequent guests in this area, often accompanied by snow, fog, and 70-mph winds.

Avalanches, hypothermia, falling rocks, falling OFF the rocks, drowning… Mount Rainier offers all manner of possibilities for danger and death. Over the years, it has taken the lives of over 400 people, earning itself a reputation as one of the deadliest hiking spots on the planet.

If you attempt this trip, do not be deceived by the summer weather and make sure to check the forecast and bring along warm clothes. Two feet of snow in July might seem improbable to you, but the weather gods often disagree when it comes to Rainier.

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