10 Supercars Built in Surprising Places

Acura NSX: Ohio

In a strange move, the Japanese automaker isn’t building its flagship vehicle in its home country. Instead, the awesome Acura NSX is built in the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. That’s right, the most powerful Acura is built in America, rather than an exotic location, and is the only supercar that is designed, built and assembled in this country.

Ford GT: Ontario, Canada

Ford’s upcoming GT supercar is not only gorgeous, but it’s also a technological showpiece with fancy new gizmos and materials. The centerpiece of it all is the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 that will make more than 600 horsepower. Who can put together such an advanced car?

Ford looks to Canada for that job. Multimatic is an automotive supplier based in Ontario that has worked extensively with Aston Martin in the past for its One-77 and with RUF for its CTR3 supercar. Known for making the suspension and chassis, Ford will be leaving the manufacturing of its exciting new GT in the hands of this experienced Canadian company.

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