10 Of The Rarest Classic Cars

It is very difficult finding rare classic cars on sale in the modern market. Most of them are now used for exhibition purposes to showcase the past motoring evolution but even those are very rare to get.

Even though there are no substantial benchmarks that can be used to define a true classic car, these are believed to have been in use mostly at the beginning to mid-1900 and are very rare to get these days.

For those people who were born just recently, this article will discuss 10 of the rarest classic cars and their standout features. They might not look valuable today but they were valued in their years.

1. 1960’S Ferrari 250 Spider

This car had sharp handling compared to its competing models due to reduction of wheelbase to 2,400 mm from 2,600 mm. The car was first unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland in 1960 and had disc brakes as well as a V12 engine with capacity of 3-liters. It used 185VR15 tires and a total of 55 cars were built in the initial plan. It is one of the rare cars to get nowadays but records remain vibrant for reference.

2. 1940’S Aston Martin DB1

The world got to know about this 2-liters sports car at the 1948 London Motor Show where it premiered. Claude Hill’s engine with 4 cylinders and a capacity of 2-liters powered this car that had an open coachwork with two seats. The Aston Martin DB1 had a maximum speed of 93mph and produced 90bhp in power output. Today, it is a rare-to-see car on the market and the few remaining are for exhibition or parked in private homes. There are few imitations coming up but can in no way match the vintage Aston Martin DB1.

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