10 Classics We Want Rebooted (And 10 New Cars We Hope Are Trashed ASAP)

Cars are far more than just the average runaround. To many of us, they’re like a badge of honor, an emblem of status and achievement that speaks to the wider world. For those who’ve just passed their driving tests and became a licensed vehicle driver, it’s a stepping stone in a young person’s life, the beginning of developing into a well-rounded responsible adult, although such an image of being grown up pales when the urge to step down on the accelerator grows and a driver speeds along a stretch of open road. Owning a car is a status symbol from such a young age that when it enters our psyche, it becomes an aim for most people to own a monster of the road.

Unfortunately, fate sometimes has other ideas, and people need a more practical vehicle to get them around from one errand to another, so the dream of having a monster in the driveway dwindles. But there are some cars that are collectible and go down in history as cars that hold their value and are even more valuable than when they were new. On the flip side, there are cars that companies churn out from their production lines that most people wouldn’t miss if the factory that makes them were hit by a comet! Meanwhile, legends of the road lie in garages rusting when they could’ve instead gotten a 21st-century facelift, just like these 10 that need a remake and 10 that need forgetting.


This one’s sleek, lovable, iconic and an emblem of the new freedom ethic that erupted across the world, especially in America in the 1960s. In an era when the Cold War was at its height, the USA churned out some motors that became a cornerstone of cool and the perfect soft top for traveling across states, allowing the hood up in the colder states and down along the desert roads of the South! Although the Camaro was only in production for three years, it captured the hearts of a nation and would be welcomed if it returned. In the days when cars rolled right out of Detroit and onto American highways, a little nostalgia is always welcome, even with today’s substance-over-style electric cars, which any car can be adapted to.


Some cars just ooze boredom from their very exhaust pipes, and although most of us have to acknowledge that cars are more of a matter for function than for form and beauty, it must have some kind of aesthetic appeal, surely. Well, not the Hyundai Accent! More than just making an appearance on some car journalist’s list of bad vehicles, the public even voiced their distaste for this poor little automobile when they surveyed it, too. One of the people voiced his displeasure so much that he was quoted to have said, “They make me puke every time I see one!” It may be bland and uninspiring, but surely, no car has the power to make people vomit. This is real life, not The Exorcist!

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